Modeling Submissions Form

Nude Spread (No Pink) – Spreads legs but not labia Nude Spread (Showing Pink) – Leg spreads open labia
Softcore – No Penetration (Oral, Masturbation, etc…) Hardcore – Penetration (Vaginal, Anal, Deep Throat, etc…)
Pillory – wooden framework with holes for the head and hands
Collared- Wearing a collar showing ownership of you OTK Spanking – Means Over The Knee Spanking. Can be performed wearing panties or bare bottom.
Golden Shower Give – Urinating on your partner Golden Shower Receive – Urinate on by partner Balloon Play – Blowing up & playing with balloons Bubble Gum – Chewing and blowing large bubbles Hairy Pubic Area – Having hair around the bikini area Ass Worship – Admiring, kissing, licking the ass/hole Panty Stuffing – Inserting panties inside of the vagina JO Instruction – Instructing guys how to jack off
FootJob – Using feet to stroke the shaft of the penis Fisting – Inserting an entire hand into the vagina/ass Tea Bagging – Placing testicles in partners mouth Rimming – Licking your partner’s anus with tongue Bukkake – Several men ejaculating on partner’s face Snowballing – Swapping cum by mouth to another. Ass Jacking – Placing penis between ass cheek, stroking with use of the cheeks. No Penetration
Oral Giving – Performing oral sex on male or female Oral Receiving – Receiving oral from a male or female F/F Oral – Female/Female giving oral to each other F/F Toy Play – Female/Female toy play on each other Machine Toy Play – Use of machine toy penetration
ATM – Having anal sex then performing oral afterward Multiple Partners – Sex with multiple people at once M/M/F – Male/Male/Female group sex at one time F/F/F – Female/Female/Female group sex at one time Own Partner – Performing with your own partner.