Milfy Destiny Pumps & Hand Expressed Her Jugs

Someone call 911, Milfy Destiny’s jugs are leaking ounces of milk she is so full. Watch as Milfy Destiny attached a pump to one of her large jugs and pumps while the other steadily leaks milk, she switch to pumping the other jug, while hand expressing the free jug. Then she removes the pump and focuses on getting better at hand expressing, squirting milk stream after milk stream. Her milk looking so yummy, she couldn’t resist drinking from the tap, then drooling what wasn’t swallowed down her jugs.

Milfy Shelley Pumps 1 Tit Empyt Then Auto Expresses The Other Tit – Auto Expressing Only

Milfy Shelley grabs both breast in either hand and begins to hand express them, liking the letdown she has, she grabs the rope and beings to wrap it around her left breast, before she can even get the rope snug she is already lactating, she pulls slightly on the rope to get a tighter fit and strikes liquid gold, as it shoots across the stream in what appears a very long lasting stream. As the stream begins to slow down she unwraps the rope, and starts the process all over again, wrap the rope around her breast once, twice, three times, as the milk begins to flow, she wraps a 4th and once again she shoots out a strong and very long stream of milk. She repeats this several more times before bringing things to a close with her famous rapid fire hand expressing.

Milfy Tabitha Tit Jerking, Hand Expressing & Milking Her Tits and A Cock

Milfy Tabitha is playing with his cock and he tells her he wants his cock drenched in her milk. She removes her top teasing his cock, he grabs her bra and snatches it down. She wraps those jugs of her around his shaft and strokes up and down, she releases and squirts his cock down with milk. After getting him lubricated with her milk she slowly stroked his shaft, then placing again between her mounds working his shaft hard. She milks her tits all over his cock and then wraps her huge tits around his shaft and works him until he can’t hold back any further and she milks his load all over her breast. Awesome video!!!